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Projected Display

LCD and DLP projection technology is now recognized as a mainstream, it almost has formed the pattern of the split.In the field of the underlying technology, LCD and DLP technology still dominated the projector market, LCOS technology might be expected, due to its inherent weaknesses in some of the technology of still haven't been solved well, more to stay in the prototype stage, in a short period of time it is hard to do something in the field of projector.But once the LCOS technology to solve the limitations on the manufacturing process, product structure is simple, low cost advantage will be from LCD and grab a piece of the digital light processing (DLP) share of the market, the formation of LCOS, LCD and DLP three cent world pattern.
Due to more and more fierce competition, it is need to find the supplier with right price and quality guarantee , Rising EO is such a manufacturer, we supply the world's top projection manufacturer long-term, current indispensable optical components used in projection system include: lens, prisms, mirrors, dichroic mirror and PBS.

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