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Optical coating is the process of coating a layer (or layers) of metal (or medium) film on the surface of optical parts. Since optical components usually have low transmittance after precision polishing, they must be coated to be used more effectively.At the same time, the purpose of coating on the surface of optical parts is to reduce or increase light reflection, beam splitting, color separation, light filtering, polarization and other requirements.Optical vacuum coating technology is a sophisticated technology in which high and low refractive index thin film materials are uniformly adsorbed on the surface of optical substrate according to the designed thickness through evaporation process under the vacuum state.Rising-EO has a condensing pump, mechanical pump and other equipment to ensure that the film system is precise and stable, each layer of optical film thickness strict control.To provide customers with a variety of optical products coating services.In 2018, another Japanese optical otfc-1300 optical coating machine will be added to further improve the coating field.

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Coating Material:
Coating material is used some high pure metals, dielectrics and semiconductors. Normally the pure of coating material is higher than 99.99%. All of our coating materials are according with RoHS request. Main coating materials we used are:
1) Metal: Au, Ag, Al, Cu, Cr, Ni-Cr
2) Oxides: TiO2, Nb2O5, Ta2O5, ZrO2, HfO2, Gd2O3, Al2O3, SiO2, and some mixture materials (such as H4, M1, M3)
3) Fluorides: MgF2, LaF3
4) Sulfides: ZnS
5) Semiconductors: Si, Ge

Coating Series:

AR-Coating Series                                                                                   Beamsplitter Series  

● Single Layer MgF2 Antireflection Coating (SAR)                                 ● Narrow Band Polarizing Beamsplitter Coating(PBS) 

● Multilayer Antireflective Coating(VAR)                                            ● Broadband Polarizing Beamsplitter Coating(BPS)

● Multilayer Broadband Antireflective Coating(WAR)                         ● Beamsplitter Plate and Cube Coating(FBS&CBS)

● Dual Wavelength Band Antireflective Coating(DAR)

HR-Coating Series                                                                                      Filter-Coating Series 

● Metallic High Reflective Coating(MHR)                                              ● Long Wavelength Pass Coating(LWP)

● Dieletric High Reflective Coating(DHR)                                             ● Short Wavelength Pass Coating(SWP) 

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