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Optical Measurement

Rising-EO has a perfect testing system to ensure the quality of products.The hardwares are equipped with the comprehensive spherical, flat plate detection system and environmental measurement system, and the detection standard is in accordance with the American military standard.To achieve the physical optical indicators (appearance, shape, spectral analysis, reliability measurement, etc.) of the all-round detection. Thay can improve product yield and ensure product qualities.

Rising-EO uses automatic optical detection to improve the shortcomings of traditional visual detection to achieve high detection accuracy.With "machine vision" for detection of key technologies, we use high accuracy, high speed optical instruments, obtained the appearance of the product in the form of non-contact surface state, then to image processing technology to replace the human eye to detect whether the presence of foreign bodies or abnormal cracks and other defects, improvement on the traditional shortcomings of human visual testing, slight defect error is more subtle.

Quality Management system: Iso 9001 / 2015 is our important quality management system, and every step of our process is well controlled by the system. In accordance with the Iso 9001 / 2015 quality management system, we have achieved good results in quality management. Operation, delivery, process controllability; production goal, customer satisfaction, consistency of production efficiency; regular calibration of equipment, daily maintenance; continuous improvement of manufacturing process and quality.

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            TRIOPTICS  Spherometer                                 Planum-3000 spectrometer                          Multi-funcition Instrument

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          Zygo GPI-4'' XP Inteferometer                       Double-Pipe Angle Instrument                Image Dimension Measurement System

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