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Research & Design

Lenses Design

Rising-EO has the depth and breadth within our R&D department to satisfy a wide variety of optical and opto-mechanical requirements.  Our R&D Department is ready to help with your most difficult in various solution:
•  Machine vision
•  Medical and health care
•  Laser processing
•  Light sources
•  Projection and display

Our design engineers can start with your idea and develop it to a fully detailed, manufacturable design. We can also help you optimize your design for performance, size, weight, manufacturability, durability, or whatever other factors are important to your application.  We can work with your engineering team to ensure a smooth transition from prototype to production.

Major organization:R&D department and Assembly plant
Designing service: Machine Vision Lens, Telecentric Lens, Line Scan Lens, Microscope Lens,  Endoscope Lens, Zoom Lens and Optical-mechanical System, etc.
Assembly line: Lens Assembly, Optical Device Assembly and Optical-mechanical Module Assembly.

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