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Asphercial Lens

Asphercial Lens

    Aspheric Lens is used to eliminate spherical aberration. It utilizes a single element design which helps minimize the number of lenses found in multi-lens optical assemblies. Said another way, unlike conventional lenses with a spherical front surface, aspheric lenses have a more complex front surface that gradually changes in curvature from the center of the lens out of the edge of the lens.

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Rising EO' aspheric lens is available molded and CNC-polished.

Precision molded technology ensure the consistency of the aspherical lens and also low cost. Based on the technology, the lens could achieve a good surface accuracy and quality, Whilet the prototypes cost is high. The molded lenses are suitable for a variety of lighting and detection applications, but not recommended for high power laser systems.

Compared to the molded aspheric lens counterparts, CNC-polished aspheres are available in larger sizes, provide better surface quality, and maintain the M squared values of the input beam better.

20-10 S/D60-40 S/D