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Hexagonal Integrator

Hexagonal Integrator

    Hexagonal Integrator utilize total internal reflection to homogenize non-uniform light sources regardless of their spectral characteristics. Their hexagonal configurations provide 30% - 40% less light loss than a comparable square configuration. Low Numerical Aperture (NA) sources require longer pipes to uniformly homogenize light while shorter pipes will sufficiently homogenize the output from high NA sources.

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  • Homogenizes Non-Uniform Light Sources

  • Hexagonal Entrance Aperture

  • Ideal for OEM Illumination

  • Customized service to provide the sample and high volume production;

  • Length: From 10mm to 300mm;

  • Substrate : N-BK7, JGS1 Corning 7980;

  • Coating on the both top surfaces to improve the light transmittance.