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    AR Coatings are often crucial components in optical systems with multiple lenses or other optics where the maximum possible light energy is needed. AR coatings help to produce brighter images while reducing the intensity of ghost images which may otherwise be produced in optical systems having multiple reflecting surfaces.The goods that we produce including SAR and VAR.

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Single Layer MgF2 Antireflective Coating(SAR)MgF2 is the most widely used thin film material for optical coatings. Though its performance is not outstanding but it represent a significant improvement over an uncoated surface in visible light area.
VAR coatings have the lowest reflectivity in a narrow wavelength band; minimum reflection can be less than 0.1%. VAR are used to target a single wavelength, such as 632.8nm or 532nm, or a single very narrow band of wavelengths, such as laser and communication to decrease optical loss.                        


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