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Spherical Lens

Singlet Lens

Singlet Lens

    Singlet Lens is a transmissive optical device which affects the focusing of a light beam through refraction and only composed of a piece of optical glass lens with the simplest near-field conjugate structure system.

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According to the product shape, the singlet lensclassified into: PCX,PCV,  DCX,  DCV,  PMC, NMC and so on. It has a wide variety of diameters, focal lengths, and coatings. In addition, there is a greate choice of anti-reflection coating options: MgF2, SAR, DAR, VAR, WAR and BBAR.


SpecsCommercialHigh Precision
Diameter Tolerance±0.1mm±0.01mm
Center Thickness±0.1mm±0.01mm
Centering< 3'< 30''
Surface Quality60-40 S/D10-5 S/D
Power/ Irregularity2/0.51/0.2
CoatingUpon Request

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