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Spherical Lens

Micro Lens

Micro Lens

    Rsing EO can produce the micro lens as small as 0.8mm in diameter by using our proprietary microprecision technology to meet the rapidly increasing demands of minimally invasiv surgery or any situation where high quality micro lenses are needed.

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We provide complete objectives for both flexible and rigid endoscopes, including the smallest diameter endoscopes.


  • Diameter: 0.8~10mm

  • Clear Aperture>95%

  • Ultimate Radius R>0.5mm

SpecsHigh PrecisionCommercial
Center Thickness Tolerance+/-0.01mm+/-0.1mm
Diameter Tolerance+0/-0.01mm+0/-0.1mm
Surface Quality10-5 S/D40-20 S/D
CoatingUpon Request

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