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Spherical Lens

Infrared Lens

Infrared Lens

    Infrared Lens is used in many IR applications or systems, including thermal imaging, spectroscopy, biomedical research and remote sensing.  Rising EO affords cold processing and coating of IR material. Essential to the enhanced performance of any IR material or device are our custom- designed antireflection (AR) coatings.

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Usually we are handling Silicon monocrystalline, CZ and FZ, optical and mirror grade. It is widely used in near infrared and middle infrared band. Germanium (Ge) is popular for its high index of refraction, broad transmission range from 8um to 12um, and rugged mechanical properties. The germanium optical lens are ideal for collimation or focusing applications called spent monochromatic light. Each lenses are available in a range of sizes or focal lengths for a wide variety of application needs. Calcium fluoride (CaF2) has good transmittance from ultraviolet to mid-infrared band. But it is difficult to process and keeps high cost at the same time. It is usually used in some special optical systems.

SpecsHigh PrecisionCommercial
MaterialSi, Ge, CaF2
Diameter Tolerance+0/-0.02mm+0/-0.1mm
Center Thickness Tolerance+/-0.02mm+/-0.1mm
Surface Quality20-10 S/D60-40 S/D

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