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Free-Form Lens

Microlens Array

Microlens Array

    Microlens array contains multiple lenses formed in a one-dimensional or two-dimensional array on a supporting substrate.  A typical microlens may be a single element with one plane surface and one spherical convex surface to refract the light.

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Square microlenses is commonly used for beam homogenization and shaping, yielding spot patterns or a square flat-top pattern. The lenses feature a high fill factor which eliminates zero-order hot spots in the illuminated field. Square lenses are often used in pairs, in conjunction with a PCX lens. Microlenses are well suited for applications that require high efficiency and non-gaussian uniformity includes welding, drilling, laser ablation, and fiber coupling.

Diamensional Tolerance±0.05mm
Thickness Tolerance±0.1mm
Wavelength Range200~2200nm
Lens ProfileSpherical
MaterialFused Silica
AR CoatingUV, VIS, NIR

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