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AR Glasses

AR Glass

AR Glass

    Optics module does not impact ballistic integrity of protective eyewear.
    Extremely stable goggle or sunglasses mount option is comfortable for extended durations.
    User can remove the system without removing their helmet.
    Adjustable HMD module gives user ability to move the display out of the field of view or into a position ideal for the individual.

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AR smart glasses provide a wearable smart display. It's like having your computer or smartphone screen information with you wherever you go.

Never before has a product been designed where you can see overlaid information, indoors or out, such as patient data, mapping directions, restaurant menus, weather information, alerts and more without picking up a second screen. Truly revolutionary, AR smart glasses are a perfect companion to a smartphone, allowing users to interact with their phone hands-free. Finally fashion meets technology in the wearable display arena.

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