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Spherical Lens

Achromatic Lens

Achromatic Lens

    Achromatic Lens is generally the use of white light imaging optical system, by bonding two or three different dispersion coefficient of single lens can reduced values of spheric aberration and chromatic aberrations.  Best used it replace single components where performance must be improved.

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Achromatic doublet lens is designed to eliminate chromatic and spherical aberrations inherent in singlet lenses. When used on-axis, an achromatic lens focuses an parallel input beam to a perfect "point", limited only by the effects of diffraction. This performance can be achieved over a broadband of wavelength.

Achromatic triplet lens system comprising, in order from the object side, a first positive meniscus lens component having a convex surface on the object side, a second biconcave lens component, a third biconvex lens component and a stop; and configured so as to correct aspherical aberration and coma at the same time by using at least one aspherical surface on the second and the third lens components.

SpecsCommercialHigh Precision
Diameter  Tolerance±0.1mm±0.02mm
Center Thickness Tolerance±0.1mm±0.01mm
Centering< 3'< 1'
Surface Quality60-40 S/D10-5 S/D
Power/ Irregularity2/0.51/0.2
CoatingUpon Request

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